Cloudhouse, the trading name of Data Cloud Ltd, provides innovative cloud computing software which is market-leading, patented and in high demand. Cloud house's application virtualisation software allows old Windows applications to "just work", effectively running isolated within a Cloudhouse container on new operating systems or browsers. Customers Include GE healthcare and Advanced Computer Software.

Investment sought: £5m (of which £2.5m is available with EIS tax relief)

Lead Investors

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John Pocock - Chairman
30 years’ experience in IT and financial services and a track record of building and managing successful businesses. He is Chairman of Flexiant, a leading provider of cloud automation software; and Cognito, a mobile software solutions company

Nick Harmer - CEO
More than 22 years’ experience in the software industry. Most recently, spent seven years in Neverfail holding positions of SVP Corporate Development, SVP Product Management, SVP Marketing and Chief Strategy Officer.

  • Neverfail - SVP Corp Dev, VP PM, VP Marketing
  • Symantec - Regional Sales Director
  • KVS - Corp Dev and Alliances Director

Mat Clothier - CT)
World class leader in App Virtualisation and Enterprise IT technologies. Prior to Cloudhouse, Mat spent four years developing Virtualisation solutions for Enterprise IT, in Europe and the US, as European CTO for Endeavors Technologies Inc.

James Syree - CFO (acting)

  • Partner at Ballard, Dale, Syree and Watson

Market and Industry

Nearly every corporate business worldwide and all but the newest ISVs experience the problems that Cloudhouse solves. These two market opportunities of selling into Corporate IT or ISVs are worth an estimated $54bn and $20bn per annum respectively (Gartner 2014). Existing vendors serve these markets (notably Microsoft with AppV and Citrix) but apparent customer dissatisfaction with the solutions combined with an associated high total cost of ownership (“TCO”) leaves the market open to disruption by innovative solutions from Cloudhouse. Furthermore, global ISVs with whom Cloudhouse has already engaged, such as, GE Healthcare, Advanced Computer Software and Allscripts, , are all examples of software vendors with mature products and huge deployed user bases that are facing competition from new Cloud- enabled Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) vendors and who require a strategy to compete. In the majority of cases, either the business case to redevelop software is tenuous or the time to market and costs are risky and prohibitive. Cloudhouse estimates that the market opportunity with these three sample vendors alone is worth £50m in annual software subscription revenues given a cumulative deployed base of approximately 1.4m users. This represents a small fraction of the overall addressable opportunity within the Microsoft ISV market. Cloudhouse is the only solution to offer reliable virtualisation for all legacy business critical applications allowing enterprises, to run any operating system and to become totally cloud enabled and achieve savings of up to 70% Capex and 40% Opex.

Financial Overview

2015 Budget 2015 Forecast 2016 Plan
Revenue 2,277,551 2,324,854 7,517,298
Direct Costs 428,408 482,791 1,224,768
Gross Profit 1,849,143 1,842,063 6,292,530
Staff Costs 3,639,102 3,278,200 5,368,514
Overheads 1,397,812 1,443,473 1,798,627
EBITDA (3,187,771) (2,879,610) (874,611)
Operating Cashflow (3,610,167) (3,232,561) (1,552,239)
Payment of Debt (862,555) (862,555) -
Cash Balance 2,297,324 2,593,608 1,040,708


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